“Gastronomic University” To Open – San Sebastian, Spain

"Gastronomic University" (rendering image credit: Basque Culinary Centre)The construction of the unique “Gastronomic University” also known as the Basque Culinary Centre began a few weeks ago in San Sebastian, Spain. The university will be the first of its kind and is designed to look like a pile of stacked plates. Students will be encouraged to use scientific innovation to prepare the recipes of the future and will try to master the science of “molecular gastronomy” under the direction of Ferran Adria, owner of the famous restaurant El Bulli, and other well-known chefs. There are already many Michelin-decorated restaurants in the town and their chefs are more than likely to participate in helping with tuition costs and possibly teaching duties. Heston Blumenthal, the self-taught chef at the Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, U.K., who has followed in the footsteps of Adria, will probably be a guest lecturer.

Mr. Adria has come under attack by more traditional chefs, and just recently by a German “food critic” with accusations of “poisoning diners with foams and emulsifiers”, although whether these claims have any merit or not is unknown.  In any case, they have not hurt the popularity of his restaurant that is always solidly booked for the entire six months of the year that it is open.

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