New French Brasserie, Anisette, by Alain Giraud – Santa Monica, California

Anisette Brasserie

225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica,
(310) 395-3200;


Anisette has just opened its doors! I hope that finally, Los Angeles will have an authentic French Brasserie. I am holding my judgment and holding my breath until more news comes out, or when I can arrange to go there personally after it has settled down and is up to speed. I am excited, although if it is swayed by the California beach set and winds up to be another American watered down version of the real thing, my excitement will wane quickly. We have Alain Giraud at the helm, and he should certainly know what is expected of a true Alsatian Brasserie however, partners and beach people can have a defining influence to sway it in another direction. It might stand a better chance of acceptance, of pulling-off the real thing, if it were located in the West Hollywood/Hollywood area where the clientèle are a bit more savy about knowing and appreciating true authenticity.
I suppose we must just wait and see
what the final result of this brasserie will be
and certainly the result will not emerge immediately . . . what a shame, it is now closed

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