Marushin Restaurant – Koriyama, Japan

Restaurant Marushin
1-5-10 Ekimae,Koriyama,Fukushima
Tel. 024-922-1851
Opening Hours: Lunch: noon-2pm, Dinner: 6-10:30
Credit Cards: Yes
Prices: Moderate

Pictured above is the very best Uni (sea urchin roe) that I have ever tasted and I have eaten so many of these creatures all over the world, regardless of their high cholesterol count. (My first experience, was on the island of Capri in Italy, a long time ago when young boys used to dive for them and pry them off the rocks and sell them to the customers that were sitting at the seaside restaurants for a nominal price). Maruchin is an extremely well-run restaurant located in downtown Koriyama and it means business, as everything they serve from sushi to tempura is exquisitely presented and the raw materials that they use are so fresh and served at the ideal temperature. If the dish is not to be served raw it is cooked to perfection, it is amazing with so many items on the menu, that the restaurant manages to get everything right. I was so sorry that I did not have the time to pay one more visit to this incredibly good restaurant before I left. It is basically reserved for locals only and buried in a line of storefronts, you would most likely never find it unless you had inside information from persons living in Koriyama who knew about it.

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