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Swiss Food Restaurant – Pattaya

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Tel. 038 423504
Soi Diamond 175/29-30, Pattaya, Thailand
Open daily from 4 pm – midnight
Credit Cards: Visa, MC
Prices: Moderate

Dining Room

I do not recommend this restaurant as of October, 2009.

Since shortly after its opening in 1985 I have been dining in this small restaurant hidden on Soi Diamond and it is with great regret that I have had to downgrade this establishment. It is surrounded by all types of bars from girlie go-go bars to lady boy bars. In spite of this small annoyance, it is was in earlier days worth the effort to walk there, and in fact the only way to arrive at the door, since a car cannot drive down the narrow walking street. Being subjected to raucous noise and a carnival-type atmosphere on the way was really a small inconvenience to pay for the good experience that followed in the good-times of this restaurant. Remember, this is Pattaya where there are not a great many establishments serving good-quality food combined with a pleasant atmosphere as they have here.

Inside, you will find a charming dining room and bar with a friendly service staff; the manager/owner is from Switzerland. It is unfortunate that about a year ago after the long-time owner took leave, the European chef disappeared, and I was withholding comment to see if the cooking might improve, over one year later it has, if anything, deteriorated. It is always a mistake to replace a farong chef with a Thai sous-chef and expect that everything will remain the same; as it inevitably will not. I wrote one year ago: The salad bar, offering many varieties of fresh salads and other starters, has survived unscathed, although the rest of my former recommendations that follow after the colon, are mostly “hit and miss” these days: cheese fondue (400 gr.) for 2 persons with mixed salad, Geschnetzeltes “Zürcherart” with rösti, wiener schnitzel with pommes frites, pork fillet with morel cream sauce, beef fondue ( 400 gr. ) for 2 persons with (French fondue bourguignonne) beef imported from Argentina, “steak tartar” (raw beef fillet with combination of spices) prepared at your table. The wine list has been pared down and filled in with less-expensive Chilean and Argentinian wines (this is a fact not a criticism) and the house wines are barely adequate. Presently, in the Autumn of 2009 I am afraid that the salad bar has now deteriorated and all the above suggestions are no longer valid. I do not recommend dining at this restaurant at this time.

Desserts & Liqueurs
Hot cherries with ice cream and whipping cream
Liqueurs and eaux de vie: Grappa, Poire Williams, Kirschwasser, Obstler, Vieille Prune

Chesa Swiss Restaurant – Bangkok

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Chesa Swiss Restaurant5 Sukhumvit Road Soi 20
Klongtoey, Khet Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110
946 Rama IV Road
Bangkok 10500
+66 (0) 2 261 6650
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 11:00pm 7 days
Credit Cards: All Major
Prices: Moderate-Expensive

Chesa is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Bangkok. It is hidden at the end of a small driveway across the street from the Windsor Hotel Suites on Sukhumvit Soi 20. The place is charming and cozy and the staff is very friendly as are the owners Chef Thomas Nowak and Rene Kuhn who opened Chesa Swiss Restaurant in 2000.
The food is consistently good and I have had many, many enjoyable evenings there over the years. The restaurant has an excellent selection of wines including wines from Switzerland including Fendant du Valais and Dole du Valais and white Chasselas and red Pinot Noir served by the glass.
Following are some of my favorites and other popular dishes at Chesa Swiss Restaurant: Capuns: Swiss chard dumplings with bacon, onions and cheese in creamy sauce, fresh imported Mache salad (Nüssli) with bacon served on a French dressing with boiled egg and bacon, traditional Cheese Fondue, pan-fried Foie Gras on raspberry vinegar and port wine sauce, beef fondue bourguignon, grilled veal sausage on an onion sauce with rösti potatoes, Geschnetzeltes Zürcher Art, (traditional sliced veal and kidney in a champignon mushroom sauce).
Swiss Chocolate Mousse, raspberries laced with kirshwasser with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.