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Sapporo Beer Museum – Sapporo, Japan

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Sapporo Beer MuseumKita 7-jo, Higaashi 9-chome, Higashi-ku,
Sapporo-shi, 065-8633
Tel. 011(731)4368
Prices: Inexpensive-Moderate

We took a look at the beer museum, briefly studying the model of the various stages of beer production, and spending a great deal of time perusing the colorful posters of women holding beer glasses from the turn of the century to the present at the beer bar, where a wide selection of their brews are available to sample in small or medium sized glasses. I always prefer to drink beer from a small glass, as provided in most Japanese restaurants, one glass, and then on to sake or shochu. Nothing is more unappealing to me than drinking beer from a big, thick mug; but then I am not really a beer drinker, and realize that I probably am in the minority.

We then walked upstairs to the cavernous dining room, which looked and felt very Germanic. Each table has a permanently seated gas-grill in mid-table. Sausages and various meats were listed on the menu with sauerkraut and Hokkaido potatoes available as side dishes. The toilets, at least the mens, are fitted with puking urinals with stout handles reminiscent of the ones I have seen in the great beer halls of Munich.

Hyosetsu No Mon – Sapporo

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Hyosetsu No Mon - SapporoWe were shown to a spacious tatami room that looked out onto a small Japanese style garden, where within due course, we ordered barbecued king crab and shabu-shabu style queen crab (immersed into hot broth at the table). I personally found that shabu-shabu distracted the palate from the sweet and subtle natural taste of the crab itself, whereas the barbecued version although drier, was purer and less salty.

Japanese CuisineFollowing the main event of crabs, a pudding called chawanmuchi arrived and the finale was crab okayu (rice bowl with crab). All of these dishes were accompanied first by some cold Sapporo beer and then followed by a few versions of local sake. More Photos

Blanc, Franco Japanese – Sapporo

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Tel. 011-513-4060
Prices: Moderate-Expensive

Blanc, Franco Japanese - SapporoOn the first floor of a rather drab building and to the right of brightly lit signs displayed by the various tenants, mainly bars and clubs, was a plain white door with the simple lettering BLANC. Inside, a bar with ten seats was to the direct right of the small room and a few tables were arranged in the rear.

WineThe menu was written in Japanese with no translation available and initially no one could speak English. They asked me if I spoke French and I answered, “A little, but I understand a lot especially, regarding culinary matters.” It turned out that one of the employees spent a few months in France. His French was not that good but between the two of us I was able to get a vague idea of what was offered. As the evening wore on, it turned out that one of the waitresses actually could speak a little English but was too shy to admit it at first.

Fortunately, I could understand the wine list as all wine selections were French. They had an excellent selection of Bourgogne and Rhône wines at quite reasonable prices. For instance, they had three selections of various producers in different vintages at ¥3,000.

The food was plain and nothing extravagant, although good quality nonetheless.

Ramen Street – Sapporo, Japan

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Prices: Inexpensive

In the Susukino area of Sopporo, which is similar to the Shinjuku district of Tokyo with many bars, restaurants, discos and clubs, there is a very narrow street, more like a footpath, lined with small ramen shops some with only a counter and a few stools. These are frequented mainly by tourists, with the local people having their own favorites elsewhere in the city. In any case, I have never seen so many noodle shops lined-up one after another anywhere else. (Ask anyone for the location of Ramen Street – everyone knows as there is no actual address).

Sai Kaku – Sapporo, Japan

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Tel. 011 281 7600
(8 branches:find addresses at above website)
Prices: Moderate

We are visiting Sapporo, Hokkaido for a few days, and not unusually, it is still cold with a high of about 11 degrees and a low of about 1 degree at night and this is almost mid April.The locals think this is mild weather so they are running around in Spring clothing.

The first thing that you think about when in Hokkaido, when it comes to food, is fish and being in Japan, sushi immediately comes to mind. We put on warm coats and walked to a sushi bar that was recommended by the hotel. It was not a small one-off version with subdued lighting, which is usually the type of place I gravitate to, but a more brightly-lit branch of a small local chain of eight good quality restaurants using only local fish.

Kicking off with a delicious, draught Sapporo beer and then moving on to a couple of local Sakes accompanied by fresh local oysters, sea-urchin served in its shell on a bed of edible seaweed. I later decided to have sashimi of scallops and sushi of red whale and horse and they all melted in the mouth except for the horse, which was tough and full of sinew. I have eaten horse raw before on a few occasions and it always seemed to be tender, although rather bland, similar to raw liver that I have also eaten in Japan, I really prefer it quickly seared on both sides for a few seconds as it is more flavorful. It must have been this particular piece of meat that was not up to par. A scallop salad with fresh grapefruit juice was really quite unusual and the combination really paired well together.
Four persons: 13,000 yen about $130 total – amazingly low price for the quality. More Photos