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Izarzugaza, 100 Year-Old Butcher Shop, Embraces New Technology – Spain

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

IzarzugazaImage credit: Izarzugaza

Meat Vending Machine

The butcher shop, Izarzugaza, with three locations in Northern Spain, is making efforts to adopt modern technology while keeping their more than 100-year-old tradition alive: They have an online shop selling meat and prepared items, as well as customer-facing multilingual touchscreens in the shops. But what truly sets them apart is their meat vending machine outside the store in Mundaka.
“We had to provide a service when the shop closes,” Mikel Izarzugaza, the fourth generation owner, told El Mundo. So they acquired a refrigerated vending machine that uses miniature elevators and the products change seasonally: “In summer pasta salads, we prepare and pack, in winter tongue in sauce or meatballs, sausages and burgers as well.”